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Large Print

All our large print is completely adapted and re-set from the original standard print document. Creating large print is not simply a case of enlarging a document as most of the time that would result in creating something that your customer or client would not be able read. Utility bills for example, are often designed to be navigated visually by looking at the page as a whole, with the most pertinent information highlighted visually.

With adapted large print, the navigation of the page by someone of low vision is carefully considered. Information which sets the context, such as a company name and document type (bill/statement etc.) goes at the top, followed by the most important information set out in logical order so that the reader comes across the information in the same order as indicted by the standard print visually navigated document.

We follow the latest guidelines for producing quality Large Print, but we also test our Large Print standard with focus groups of visually impaired people to ensure that we are providing the best possible service.

Almost all documents are suitable for transcription into large print and it is a very popular and cost effective option.

To order or to find out more contact us on 0207 5177 856.