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Choosing your supplier

When trusting someone to recreate your organisation’s printed communications in formats that reach wider audiences, you’ll be thinking about quite a few important aspects.

Not all suppliers are equal when it comes to providing a quality product that is genuinely and easily accessible and developed with your brand integrity, as well hassle free deliver-ability, in mind. You also want a supplier who regularly makes use of focus groups of print disabled people.

Does your supplier offer comprehensive reporting and account management? Do you have one main point of contact so that you don’t have to repeat yourself when making an enquiry? Can your supplier offer to handle requests directly from the public for your accessible literature? These are all things that make life easier and which your supplier ought to be able to provide.

You may need to know that whoever provides your accessible print can handle large complex contracts. Many transcribers of alternative or accessible formats are very small or third sector enterprises with little or no experience of handling corporate contracts involving for example, branch publications, or large volumes of quarterly financial statements all of which requires resources and also investment in technology as well as robust systems for important things such as data security.

All your data is kept secure from transfer through to transcription and fulfilment. For more detail on this visit our section on data security.

Naturally you want to do business with a company that shares your excellent values and the high standards of quality, service and value that you extend to your own customers. At Bayfield Media we respect the environment, look after our employees, and make sure we do an excellent job for you. To find out more about us and for the full list and detail of our policies please visit the about us section of the website.

Finally, you need a company that can fulfil your needs at a cost you can justify to the purse holder! We won’t quote you unrealistic prices and then jack up the cost. We quote realistically and keep our promises. And actually for many organisations, accessible print can be included as a rather small percentage of the print budget for any project.

To discuss your requirements, give us a call on 0207 5177 856 or email