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Braille is a tactile reading system which uses raised dots on paper to represent letters and words which enables people with visual impairment who have learned Braille to read using their fingers.

We usually provide Braille documents in grade 2 Braille double sided bound A4 booklets. However, other options are available on request.

If you need something inĀ  Braille, email us a copy or give us a call now on 0207 5177 856.

There are two main types of Braille, grade 1 and grade 2. Grade 1 is a system where all the letters of the alphabet are represented individually, which can be easier for someĀ  Braille beginners to read but also creates a very long document. Grade 2 Braille makes use of contractions, meaning the document can be transcribed into a shorter hard copy document than grade 1 and is quicker to read. Grade 2 is the more common type.

At Bayfield Media we use the latest approved standard for Braille which is Unified English Braille (UEB). While some companies still transcribe using Standard English Braille (SEB) the official standard for the UK is now UEB as this is a more useful code which is compatible with braille in many other countries and will become ever better supported as SEB becomes less common.