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Quality Statement

1. Our Philosophy

Business can and should be useful, honest, fair, responsible, and enjoyable. Part of the enjoyment is making a profit of course, but so is responding to a genuine need in society through our business activity (rather than creating desire through consumer targeted advertising) and by making sure we also do our bit for important things like the environment. We also like to make sure our people are looked after and, just as importantly, that our clients and customers experience the best possible service and swift and complete answers to whatever challenge is causing them to ask for our help. Business doesn’t have to be big to be reliable and successful and our large corporate clients understand that our smaller teams can provide more expertise and more focused customer and client service, attention to detail, and also means cost efficiency for you.

2. Values

We strive to provide a low cost, highly reliable and secure service with responsive and helpful client management systems. We value politeness and respect, integrity, keeping our promises. Products and services must be as useful and helpful as they can possibly be.

3. Vision

We envision a world where print disability is understood and catered for seamlessly and easily as a normal and everyday part of your communications and design and print process. Whether you are a bank, utility, insurance company, government department, housing association, local government or small business, all your customers and stakeholders must be able to access all your published information regardless of print ability. The result will be that businesses no longer lose out to competitors who are better organised and informed in this area and print disabled customers will no longer have to choose who to do business with on the basis of the availability of accessible information.

4. Our Mission

We want to make your life easier. Perhaps you are in a communications, marketing, or equality and diversity role and part of your responsibility is making sure your customers, clients or visitors don’t experience any problems trying to get information about your organisation or business, for example, even if some of your customers are blind and some of your information, including correspondence, is in print. Partly this is because you need to make sure you are complying with the law, but mostly because you care about your customers and don’t want them to shun you just because they couldn’t read one of your letters or leaflets or fill in one of your forms. You also need to do this in a way that doesn’t break the bank. We are here to solve this problem area and make your life easier while we do it. Or perhaps you are a print disabled customer of any business and you can’t seem to get a decent accessible version of something you want to read about the business or businesses in an easy and timely manner. We are here to solve your problem too, by helping companies and organisations to put in place a robust and cost effective system for making sure you get your information when you need it and in a good quality format that you can actually read.

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